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Help for Fiji Officials

Former Fiji Football Association and FIFA referee Prakash Chandra will be assisting Fijian referees during the 2018 Courts Inter District Championship at ANZ Stadium in Suva.
Chandra said he was here to assist Fiji football referees director Rakesh Varman to improve their performance.
“I will be giving a pep talk to the referees before their matches and sure that will bring in confident, “said Chandra.
Chandra, who is the California Football Association referees board chairman said Fijian referees have been doing well.
“I was here last year during the Courts IDC and the referees did well but there needs few improvements, “he said
‘There have been lots of changes in laws of the game and that will be my key messages to the referees.
He urged to fans not to criticise referees as they were also human.
“The fans are very quick to criticise referees but they are more educated on the laws of the game and they were the better ones to make decisions, “Chandra said.
Fiji Football referees director Rakesh Varman said it was great to have someone to boost the referees.
“It is good to have someone with vast experience to boost the referees during the tournaments and I welcome him to Fiji, ”Varman said

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