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Gamel Brings Good News

Vodafone Fiji National coach Christhope Gamel has brought in good news for the football fans after returning from his Asian tour.

The good news for football fans and Fiji Football Association he said was that some countries had accepted their proposal in playing international friendlies.

“It is good news for all as I have spent few weeks in talking to some clubs and national federation and they all gave positive feedback,”Gamel said.

He said he would be submitting his report to the Fiji FA Board to decide on the available dates for the matches.

“I will give my report to the Board and let’s hope everything gets underway as planned,”Gamel said.

The Frenchman confirmed that teams from Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Philippines were all ready to play our national team.

“I had a good meeting with the association and they all have agreed to support us which is very good for Fiji Football, “he said.

Gamel said the discussions had been very fruitful in terms of further developing football in the country.

“They all want to help us in the development of football here and this is what I was there for to talk and discuss our plans,”.

He said he had was approached by some of the countries to send in some of the players to play in their country.

“I had discussed with players which I wanted them to go and play overseas but they players have turned it down so I could not do anything,”Gamel said.

The Vodafone Fiji national team marches into camp on March 16 in Suva and plays New Caledonia on June 7 at Churchill Park in Lautoka.

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