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Fiji FA Vacancy

Development Officer – (Suva 2 / Western 1)

Specialised Qualifications
(Expertise, operating methods, operating procedures, language skills, general knowledge of football organisation, planning, organising etc…)
• Experience in Developing and Promoting Football. Experience in Technical Project Management for Football and Training Coaches. Experience as a Player, Coach or Trainer. Ability to Develop and Conduct Development Projects for Football. Knowledge and Practice of English Language
Personal ability
(judgement skills, autonomy, flexibility, punctuality, accuracy, resilience, initiative, sense for responsibility, endurance, efficiency)
• Motivation, flexibility, ability to adapt and relate to different cultures, ability to travel
Social Qualities
(capacity for teamwork, communication skills, empathy, disposition to cooperate, imparting of information, ability to motivate, handling of conflicts)
• Team spirit, ability to cooperate and communicate, ability to convince, to transfer knowledge and motivate
Managerial Qualities
(Identification with OFC, lateral thinking, service oriented, creativity, innovative, taking initiative)
• Take initiative, knowledge of Oceania region, OFC & FIFA. Respect the hierarchy

The employee is responsible for Criteria for success
• Develop and implement a strategy for Football in conjunction with the Technical Director. • Provide assistance to the Technical Director in relation to the Football Development Programmes
• Regular reports to the Technical Director
• Implement, monitor, control and participate in the FootballDevelopment Programme • Elaboration of specifics projects based on the needs of the Associations
• SupportFootball Technical Activities in the country
• Development of Football from Grassroots to Senior Level
• Travel to Districts to assist Football Activities
• Organise Courses, Seminars or Technical Symposiums for Football • Regular contact with instructors
• Active participation in training courses
• Elaboration of Specific courses in consultation with the Technical Director & the Head of Education & Training Programme
• Actively promote Football in the country • Research and Manage Materials
• Identify Partners for the Promotion of Football
• Relationship with Fiji FA Development Office and Football Development Officers
• Coordinate Football Technical Study Group
• Coordinate the Development of Football with the Various Fiji FA Departments, OFC, FIFA Goal Office& other Partners • Fiji FA Football Development Manager (TD)
• Fiji FA Grassroots & Youth DO (Coordinators)
• Fiji FASocial Responsibility Department
• Fiji FA Media & TV Department
• Fiji FA Marketing Department
• Other Departments
• Provide all other tasks defined by the Technical Director in Football

E-mail a letter of application and resume to or sent it to Chief Executive.
Closing date is 5th of April 2019.

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