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Fiji FA Shuns Critics On Social Media

Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel has brushed aside all the critics said on the social media about the organisation.
Speaking during the Vodafone Premier League and honoring the heroes of the 1977 Fiji team last Friday in Lautoka, Patel said there was lot said about Fiji Football on social media.

“Lots of things have been said on media and social media about Fiji Football but we at Fiji FA believe that if we do the right thing people will turn around and support, “Patel said.

Patel said he was proud to say that 90 minutes football was now progressing despite many criticisms.

“There was a lot of criticism when we introduced 90 minutes football and now we see the support.”

“Yes the 90 minutes football, the world has change and we have to change to be the winners and I made the decision with the board and introduced 90 minutes football.”

Patel said there was lot of criticism also among the board but he told them patience was a virtue.

“And today we can see the betterment of it, today we can see our national team progressing with their performance.”

Patel said they could see the changes in Fiji Football as Fiji FA was no longer in the older days.

“We the new board members have decided to be inclusive family.”

Patel said there was lot said about the ranking of Fiji Football on the FIFA rankings but people had to understand how FIFA ranking works.
“Ranking and everything people talk about in the media is a different system that everyone doesn’t understand. If you understand ranking how it works may be you have to go to University to understand.”

‘The best team which wins the World Cup is not number one in the FIFA ranking if you see, “Patel said.

Patel said people should go and do their homework right before critising Fiji Football.

“We are here to honor the people who have put the glory for Fiji Football and at the same the districts and officials that have sweated hard, that have given their time less energy without being paid.

He said they were all crticised for been in football that they make money but no they do it for passion for football.

“In football basically you have to give money from pocket to run football. We never took a single money to travel around for meeting and other related works. We travel on our own expense.”

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