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Fiji FA Receives Positive Feedback

Fiji Football Association chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf says there have been lots of positive feedback for the Vodafone Fiji National Teams performance despite their 1-2 loss against New Caledonia last Sunday.

He said he was happy with the performance of the team and calls on people to get behind the team.

“We cannot expect instant results, “Yusuf said.

“Coach Christhope Gamel is working on a plan and he is trying to introduce more young players in his team, “Yusuf said.

The Chief Executive Officer said Gamel had a vision for Fiji football and we should all support him.

“It is a great vision by coach Gamel and it would benefit Fiji in the long run.

“He is trying to change the style of football we used to play to the professional style and we could see those changes in the recent international matches we played, “Yusuf said.

“He is looking at a long term development plan and for a sure our support to him will take football to another level in this country.”

Yusuf believes the players also need be discipline and with discipline and dedication we can achieve our goal.

“Discipline is key for all the football players in the country. Players need to show more dedication and discipline when they are in the national team,” he said.

Yusuf said there was more international matches planned for the national team this year.

“International matches help a lot for the teams to improve in terms of exposure and improving on the FIFA ranking and the standard of football in the country, “Yusuf said.

Meanwhile, Fiji will play will play Estonia and Indonesia in an international friendly matches later this year.

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