Fiji: 1. Mereoni YABAKIDRAU (GK), 4. Annette CHARMAYNE, 5. Titi DUGUCANAVANUA, 6. Stella NAIVALULEVU, 7. Bela RATUBALAVU (c), 8. Viniana RIWAI, 9. Sofi DIYALOWWAI, 10. Jotivini TABUA, 12. Luisa TAMANITOAKULA, 16. Miriama NAIOBASALI, 18. Noami WAQANIDROLA
Substitutes: 2. Jipa RASAKU, 3. Wasela TINAI, 11. Sonali RAO, 13. Lewa MOCE, 14. Vanisha KUMAR, 15. Adi RAMOTIQA, 17. Kini RAVAI, 19. Vasiti SOLIKOVITI (GK), 20. Matelita VUAKOSO (GK)
Coach: Charlene LOCKINGTON (FIJ)
Cook Islands: 1. Marjorie TORU (GK), 4. Moeroa HARMON, 5. Tepaeru TOKA, 6. Tekura URARII, 8. Jennifer AKAVI, 10. Tuakana NOOVAO, 11. Tekura KAUKURA, 12. Elizabeth HARMON (c), 13. Marissa IROA, 15. Mii PIRI, 16. Lee MAOATE-COX
Substitutes: 2. Helena NGAUORA, 3. Josephine TUREPU, 7. Elise MAMANY-GRAY, 9. Upokotea NOOVAO, 14. Maeva CARR
Coach: Tuka TISAM (COK)
Referee: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Maria TAMALELAGI (SAM)
Assistant Referee 2: Nagarita JIMMY (SOL)
Fourth Official: George TIME (SOL)
FULL TIME: Fiji 1-1 Cook Islands
90’+5′ Nice idea from URARII but NGAUORA doesn’t have the legs
90’+4′ Foul on CARR on the half mark is smalshed forward by Jennifer AKAVI
90’+3′ Offside from Fiji and Cook Islands are rushing to get it up the other end of the field for a winner
90’+1′ The pressure is coming from Fiji but Cook Islands turn it over, the shots are flying but they aren’t as dangerous as Cook Islands would like
Five minutes additional time
90′ SUB COK Mii PIRI is replaced by Maeva CARR
89′ TORU palms the ball down under no pressure and has time to send, it comes back to her and she again sends upfield
87′ NGAUORA looks up and places it between the two defenders for IROA to chase but she started early and is called offside
86′ Fiji turnover and head swiftly up the right flank
84′ SUB FIJ Stella NAIVALULEVU makes way for Lewa MOCE
82′ Tidy footwork from the diminutive Helena NGAUORA as she beats two players before being halted by the third
81′ RAO receives upfront and Fiji are making inroads into the Cook Islands half at pace
79′ Restart comes courtesy of a goal kick for Cook Islands but it’s brought down by Fiji
75′ Free kick right in front of the Cook Islands’ goal. Taken by RAO who gets it over the wall but tipped over the cross bar by Marjorie TORU
72′ Save keeper! TORU gets low to deny the shot from DIYALOWAI
71′ MOATE-COX with another perfectly timed tackle wins a free kick for Cook Isladns deep in her half
70′ Another chance for Fiji just goes past the post
68′ GOAL!!! Fiji 1-1 Cook Islands A long range effort from Sofi DIYALOWAI floats just over TORU’s outstretched fingers
67′ RAO fouls MOATE-COX and Cook Islands go long. They look like they’re starting to tire but are still putting their all into defending this lead
64′ A corner for Fiji curls in but is headed away by TOKA
62′ A timely toe from MOATE-COX allows TORU time to recover and claim ahead of RAO
59′ SUB COK After a great game Tuakana NOOVAO is given a rest and Upokotea MANUELA comes in
59′ Great touches from MOATE-COX to control and send the ball
55′ Moeroa HARMON goes down as she comes into the Fiji area but there’s no foul and Fiji are on the counter-attack
54′ Great reading of the game from Cook Islands’ keeper TORU to boot clear from the edge of her box as RAO comes racing in
52′ Worthy shot from Sofi DIYAlOWAI is just ever so slightly over the crossbar
48′ Fiji keeper Mereoni YABAKIDRAU takes control of the ball and boots upfield
46′ Back underway between Fiji and the Cook Islands
HALF TIME: Fiji 0-1 Cook Islands
45’+4′ The ball deflects through the defence and rolls to TORU who punts upfield
45’+3′ SUB FIJ Miriama NAIOBASALI makes room for Sonali RAO
45’+1′ The wind picks up MOATE-COX’s goal kick and carries it into touch
Four minutes of additional time
45′ Impressive hussle from NGAUORA to stand up to two much taller opponents and hold on to the ball
44′ MOATE-COX plays off DIYALOWAI to win a throw for Cook Islands
42′ Great running from Tuakana NOOVAO to control the advancing threat from Fijis RIWAI
41′ Moeroa HARMON races up the left and DUGUCANAVANUA has to sprint across to put it out
39′ Sofi DIYALOWAI takes a tumble and it’s another kick for Fiji, this time DUGUCANAVANUA takes but TORU covers her goal well
38′ Fiji are lining up a free kick, Viniana RIWAI takes it but sends it up and over
37′ SUB COK Tekura KAUKURA is replaced by Helena NGAUORA
36′ Offside from Fiji as they race dangerously on goal
35′ Restarted with Fiji having to back track quickly to counter a long ball
30′ Some really nice play from both sides when they keep the ball on the ground, quick and accurate passing
29′ MOATE-COX curls her goal kick too much and the ball goes out for a Fiji throw
28′ IROA fouls on the half way mark and Fiji go long
26′ Free kick for Fiji just off the corner of the box with DUGUCANAVANUA stepping up to deliver, she aims near post but it’s covered by TORU
25′ Great work in the middle from Liz HARMON, she plays wide to sister Moeroa but the flag goes up
23′ Cook Islands counter at pace but the ball is pushed ever so slightly in front of URARII
23′ Fiji turnover and RATUBALAVU makes progress through the middle
22′ Fiji applying pressure up front through captain Bela RATUBALAVU
20′ Free kick for Fiji deep in their own half is fired forward by Annette CHARMAYNE
19′ Moeroa HARMON advances into the box but Fiji do well to put the ball out for a corner
18′ Long ball for IROA to chase but it runs into touch
18′ Tekura URARII takes a tumble while tracking back but there’s nothing in it
17′ Fiji win the throw after Tepaeru TOKA can’t keep it in
15′ MOATE-COX sends a goal kick upfield, she’s playing into the breeze so it drops sooner than intended
14′ Marissa IROA is injured, she needs treatment so steps off the field but should return
13′ Fiji move quickly up the other end of the park looking for an equaliser
11′ GOAL!!! Fiji 0-1 Cook Islands Liz HARMON scores from a set piece to open Cook Islands’ 2015 account
10′ Great pass through from Tekura KAUKURA but it’s mis-read by Marissa IROA and Fiji recuperate
9′ Moeroa HARMON can’t keep the ball in as she’s under pressure from Titi DUGUCANAVANUA
7′ Touched out by Fiji but they win the throw and advance
6′ Lee MOATE-COX and Tekura URARII working hard in the middle of the defence to hamper the threat from Fiji
4′ A great save from TORU as Fiji striker Sofi DIYALOWAI comes 1v1
3′ Handball from Cook Islands captain Liz HARMON and possession switches to Fiji
1′ Shot from Fiji is tipped over the cross bar by Cook Islands keeper Marjorie TORU
1′ Underway at Bisini Field 2

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