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FIFA backs women’s coaching course

Twenty-one participants, including three men, from around the country are attending the course, which is aimed at helping educate and equip them with modern coaching knowledge at youth level.
This was according to FIFA instructor Nicola Demaine who is also OFC Women’s Football development officer.
“The course will deal with various topics on youth coaching like scouting young talent, coaching in training and matches, styles and systems of play, “she said.
Demaine said the course is aimed at 13 to 17-year-olds.
“This age category has been identified as a need here in Fiji and these coaches now need to get the qualifications to help them take their players further,” Demaine said.
“We are going to cover the D License Part 2, an OFC coaching qualification on Friday and they will have an assessment and if they pass they will receive a certificate.”
Fiji FA technical director Ravinesh Kumar while officially opening the course said it is a pleasure to have training of this nature in Fiji and thanked Demaine for conducting it.
“I heartily thank and welcome Nicola to our country and with her our Fiji football lovers will enhance their education and knowledge and this will be a step ahead for all the participants.
“We all are very lucky to have this course in Fiji, we’ve had similar courses before and each of the participants gained a lot from them.
“At the end of the course we hope you will gain as much as you can and pass this knowledge back to your district and the country. It will not only develop you but it will develop your club, district and nation as whole.”
One of the participating coaches Mereani Moceituba of Rewa said she is thrilled with the course modules and believes it would provide a major boost to women’s football development in the country.
“I want to first thank FIFA and FFA for organising this course for us because we have learned a lot during the time we have spent together already and I feel I am technically revamped.
“We have now learned new modern tactics that I feel will help us in developing good players in future.”
Participants: Matson Ting, Lia Batirerega, Miliana Mainewa, Amina Hussein, Yashreen Begum, Sulueti Vonowale, Jayshika Narayan, Atelaite Ofa, Taniselau Celua, Sifi Diyalowai, Lice Waqaliti, Annabel Rao, Charles Rogers, Bela Ratubalavu, Daniel Danford, Mereoni Yabakidrau, Makelesi Mate, Naomi Waqanidrola, Mereani Moceituba, Doreen Martha, Vika Sadrau, Susan Wise, Charlene Lockington, Adivasiti Doidoi, LaveniaYalovi, Esava Naqeleca, Tovika Delai

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