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President’s Message

Greetings to all
First on behalf of Fiji Football Association and its Board I would like to wish the Vodafone Flying Fijians all the best for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.
As we know this is the year for national sports as we can see our Vodafone Fijian Under-20 football side appeared in the historic FIFA U20 World Cup and did wonders and then our Olympic side for the first time ever qualified for the Rio Olympics.
We are confident our national rugby team will also do wonders in the Rugby World Cup this month.
Secondly there has been a lot said in the social media regarding the affairs of Fiji FA.
Let me clear the air that I’m not resigning as many claimed in their postings on the social media. There is a group of people who are behind this senseless doings.
I assure football lovers of this country that the districts have supported me to be their leader and I promise to be there for them.
Whatever is posted on the social media are just lies and I know the districts which voted me know that I’m loyal to them and they are always there to support me.
Let the dogs bark. I know what to do and whatever is happening behind my back will not take football ahead.
I have proven that under my leadership, Fiji Football has achieved a lot and the whole world has witnessed it.
As you all know this is the first-time ever our Fijian U20 boys to participate in the FIFA U20 World Cup and the whole world has seen our success in that historic participation.
Then again our U23 side qualified for next year’s Rio Olympics for the first time ever.
It is the outsiders who want to run Fiji FA which cannot happen as they have to follow the set procedures and meet the minimum requirements.
We are aware that these few people are trying to bring disrepute to football in the country.
These failed people are trying to use social media to gain support but I know the districts have supported me and they know that with me everything is transparent.
Thirdly I would like to congratulate the Labasa Youth team for their qualification from the North to play in the Rewa Galaxy Youth League playoffs. Also to the other three participating teams Bua, Taveuni and Seaqaqa, thank you very much for participating.
Our Youth League is part of our development plan which all districts should benefit from and it gives the youngsters an opportunity to be drafted in the senior squad.
We will be having the Courts IDC pool draws soon and I hope all teams have started their preparation for this prestigious title which is only a month away.

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