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Veteran tournament Returns

R.C.Manubhai and Apco Coatings have come on board to sponsor the event for the second consecutive year which will be played from October 2-5, 2014. #Prince Charles Park has been eyed as the host venue but is yet to be confirmed. #Below are the rules of the competition #RULES [OVER 40] #A. TOURNAMENT ORGANISATION #1. The Tournament shall be organized in Fiji by the Fiji FA Veterans Committee and New Zealand Fiji Football Incorporated [An affiliate of FIJI FA] under FIJI FA Sanction.#2. The Fiji FA International Veterans Tournament will be played annually in Fiji a week prior to the Fiji FA Courts IDC at a appropriate venue convenient to the overseas teams. This Tournament shall open the Fiji#FA yearly football calender.#3. The tournament is only open to the membership of Fiji FA and any other guest teams invited by the organising committee to compliment the tournament in the event we cannot make 16 teams as desired.#B. ELIGIBILITY#1. The Fiji FA International Veterans is only open to the membership of Fiji FA and its affiliates. No guest players will be allowed as it is only for players of Fijian origin and / or descendants.#2. This years tournament is open to all players born before 1st January 1975.#3. For this year only teams are allowed one rookie player born before 1/1/77 to be part of team registration. [this clause will be deleted from 2015 tournament onwards]#C. ENTRY FEE#1. Every team participating in the FIJI FA International Veterans Tournament is required to pay an entry fee of $400 Fijian on or before the close of entries which is 20Th September 2014.#2. Any application by the closing date without the entry fee will not be included in the draws.#D. UNIFORM#1. Each club shall register an alternative color uniform in addition to its registered colors in their country of affiliation#2.Where colors of 2 competing clubs are similar, the club that has been listed as team 2 in the fixture will have to use the alternate color#3.All jerseys shall be numbered from 1 onwards to 25.#4. Goalkeepers must wear colors which distinguish them from other players and match official.#E. DURATION OF MATCHES#1.Each match in the tournament shall be of 40 minutes with 2 spells of 20 Minutes each.#2.All matches shall commence at the appointed time.#3.If any team fails to take the field within (5) five minutes shall be fined#$500 and shall forfeit the match points to the opposing team..#4.The Organizing Committee shall have powers to award the match by default to the opposing team which had taken the field in time and take further disciplinary action on the defaulting team, provided however, for exceptional reasons acceptable to the Committee, it shall have powers to order a replay.#F.Refusal to complete Match#1. No team shall be allowed to walk out of the field of play during playing time as a protest or otherwise. Any team failing to observe this rule shall be fined a minimum of five thousand ($5000) dollars and shall forfeit the points in favor of the opposing team and shall also be liable for further disciplinary action.#G.Default#1. When any participating club fails to attend and play at an appointed time, it shall forfeit the points in favor of the opposing team and shall be liable for a fine of a minimum of five thousand ($5000) dollars and shall also be liable for further disciplinary action.#H.Mode of play#1. The system of play in the league system shall be addition of points after the match against the other team in the same pool with (3)points for a win, one(1) for a draw and nil(0)for a loss and the team scoring the highest points shall be the winner in the pool.#2. The sequence of qualifying criteria in each group shall be determined as follows:#? Number of points#? Goal difference#? Number of goals scored#? Score of direct encounter#3. If after applying the above criteria any two or more teams are still equal in every respect, then the determination of the placing of the teams shall#be decided by the toss of a coin.#4. In the event we have 4 pools of 4 teams then the top 2 teams from each pool will proceed to the quarter finals#5. In the event we have 2 pools of 5 teams then the 2 pools winners will qualify for the finals and the 2nd and 3rd placed teams from both pools will play elimination rounds tp proceed to the semi finals#6. The semifinals and the finals shall be of 50 minutes duration and shall be played on the knockout system. In the event of a match resulting in a draw at the end of the prescribed time, the match shall be extended by a further period of 2 spells of 5 minutes each. If however, the match still ends in a draw at the end of extra time, the winners shall be decided by taking of penalty kicks as prescribed by IF AB & FIFA.#I. Floodlights / Grounds#1. No team shall be entitled to refuse a match on the grounds that the match is scheduled to be played under floodlights.#2. No team shall be entitled to refuse a match on the grounds being an artificial pitch.#J.Qualification / Registration of Players#1. Each club must be registered with up to 25 players, at least 10 days player and tAe commencement of the tournament . .No addition shall be permitted at the Managers’ Meeting. Late registrations will not be accepted#2. All registration should be on the prescribed forms together with passport size photos, passport numbers for all overseas clubs and Fiji FA player licence card no for Fiji based players#3. All Managers are to.keep the passports[overseas teams] and FIJI FA Players Licensing card readily available at the match venue to clarify for any queries and / or protest .#4. A Consultative committee headed by Fiji FA Veterans Football committee chairman with a member each from NZFFinc, AFFA and a North American delegate will deal with all protest etc.#5. Unlimited Flying Substitutes may be used in any one match. The substitution should be only from the list of substitute players listed on the match report and furnished to the match officials prior the#commencement of the match.# 6. All overseas teams can only recruit and register 5 Fiji based players#and play 4 Fiji based players in their team at any match and vice versa all Fiji districts can register 5 and play 4 overseas based players in their teams provided however these players are from FIJI FA overseas affiliates.#K. Protest #1..All protest should be made in writing stating the grounds to be lodged to the Secretary, of the organizing committee within 40 Min’s of completion of the match to which it relates. All protest must be accompanied by a fee of two hundred ($200) dollars.#.2. No protest against any decision of a referee in respect of laws will be entertained#.3. Protest once lodged shall not be allowed to be withdrawn.#4. When a protest is allowed, the results of the particular match shall be quashed and the protesting team provided it is the opposing team in the match shall be awarded the three (3) points and the 2 – 0 goals. However if the opposing team had scored more than 2 goals it should be allowed#to counted the actual goal scored. Provided anyways if the protest is allowed against both the teams in the match than neither team shall be allowed any points or goals.#L Cautions/Dismissals#1.Where two (2) cautions are recorded against a player he should be deemed to have committed an offence which necessitates an automatic suspension for the match immediately following the second caution.#2.A player who is sent off the field of play by a referee shall be automatically suspended for at least one (1) next match and possibly a fine and the Consultative committee shall be entitled to impose harsher sanction provided however if there is a repetition of sent off, there shall be suspension of player for at least two (2) matches and a fine.#3.Where a caution has been recorded against a player during the pool games the same caution shall not be carried on to the semi finals and final, however a sent off will be dealt with as per 2 above. and 1 above#4. if a player has i caution and is given a caution in his last pool match, he shall miss the next match which can either be a quarter final and /or semi final as as the punishment enforcement is activated as soon as 2ND yellow card is flashed as in 1 above.#M. Reserve Bench#1. Up to 11 people may sit on the bench.#N. Team Slip#Full and correct names are to be written on the team slips provided and as per the registration#O. General#1. All participating CluFs are to fully observe and comply with the rules and decisions of the Organizing Committee.#2.Matters not provided under this rules shall be decided by the#Organizing Committee.#3. In all the other aspects where there is more specific provision under these rules, the normal IDC rules of FIJI FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION apply.#4.Any dispute in interpretation the above rules shall be resolved by the organizing committee#5. tournament consultative committee shall comprise of the following#? Chairman ­ NomiThe organising committee IJI FA President#? Member 1 ­ Nominee of NZFF Inc#? Member 2 ­ Nominee of AFFA#? Member 3 ­ Nominee of North American delegation#this committee shall be responsible for resolving all protest and other matters referred to it by the organising committee, this committee starts to operate immediately after the managers meeting and conclude after the closing ceremony. the secretary of the host nation shall be the secretary of the consultative committee.#6. Fiji FA Presidents Banquet Nite will be held on Saturday evening after the completion of the quarter finals to allow fellowship. Fiji FA will provide drinks , kava and dinner to all players and officials listed for the tournament. Awards will also be presented at the banquet nite for the following categories#A. Oldest player playing in the tournament#B. Rookie of the tournament#C. best goalkeeper#D. best midfielder#5. best offence player#7. Tournament conclusion will see the winner walk away with the MANUBHAI CUP and $4000, and the runner up $1000 and the runner up trophy together with the following awards#e. the golden boot award f. the fairest player award#g. the player of the tournament# Fiji FA MEDIA #

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