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Kamil College lose IDC title

This was after a complaint was lodged by runners-up Saraswati College.#In a statement Fiji Football Association chief executive officer Bob Kumar indicated that Saraswati College lodged a complaint regarding a player Mohammed Shazeel Junior who was ineligible to represent Kamil Muslin College in the Fiji FA Courts IDC 2015.#Kumar said after consultation with the Fiji Secondary School Football Association, the Fiji FA Board has decided that the title to be stripped from Kamil Muslim College.#“However the title would not go to Saraswati College since they complained but not protested. There is a difference between protest and complain.#“In a complain, a team loses the points but the other team does not get it, “said Kumar.#“So there will be no winner in the Secondary School’s IDC.”#Kumar added that Kamil College will be fined $1200 in which 25 percent fine collected will go to Saraswati College as per the by-laws of FSSFA.#“A stern warning has been given to Kamil Muslim College to refrain from fielding tertiary students in future.”#Kumar said the BOC has further decided that Kamil Muslim College be given a stern warning that it should comply with Fiji Secondary Schools Football Association regulations and any repetition of similar violation in future would be viewed very seriously.#“Kamil College to pay the fine of $1200 prior to their participation at any level of football under Fiji FA or Fiji Secondary Schools Association.”#

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