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Fiji FOOT back on FBC TV

The 30-minute football show was launched last year following a joint venture between FBC TV, Fiji Football Association and the Oceania Football Confederation and will see the first season 2 episode airing tonight.
Bob Kumar, the Fiji FA chief executive officer says the continued support from FBC TV and OFC has made this show possible.
“OFC and FBC TV have been the backbone of the show. Without their support we would not have a football show,” Kumar said.
“To have a television of our own is a great tool to promote our football and sponsors. I would like to thank our partners and we only hope that this relationship continues for the many more years to come.”
Fiji FOOT producer Moiz Munif who is also the Fiji FA head of media and television says season 2 looks promising.
“We have lined up a series of content this season which I believe will interest the viewers,” he said.
“Season 1 was closely followed and we have received many positive comments which has inspired the Fiji FOOT team to work harder to take this weekly show to greater heights.”

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