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Kids ready for Kiuva outreach

Fiji FA Just Play manager Lavenia Yalovi said Fiji Football Association in conjunction with OFC along with its partnership with UNICEF, Australian Aid, Football Federation Australia, UEFA and NZ Foreign Affairs and Aid Programme are currently conducting a two-day course in Kiuva to prepare for the event.#“The program aims to train teachers and community volunteers to facilitate Just Play activities with key messages to be in relation with the objectives that are related to children,” she said.#“Some of the benefits of the programme include improved concentration span, respect and basic life skills. Just Play is a sport for development programme with four objectives and is focused on children from the age of 5 to 12. #“As part of the festival programme athletes and children alike will participate, there will be interactive sessions focusing on health, gender, inclusion and protection. #“The Just Play program is using sport to help children develop healthy lifestyle habits, encourage gender equality, promote social inclusion and help children become confident in their abilities, “said Yalovi. #OFC Just Play coordinator Emmie Sorpe said the programme is rolling out to the country and there have been lots of interest shown by the kids. #“As we look at the increasing number of interest shown by kids we need more teachers, “she said. #“Our analysis have shown how participants have to travel far to participate in Just Play program so this workshop is to train the trainers. #We will train the participants so they can implement this program in their districts in the two-day of workshop, “she said.#Sorpe said the course is for trainers to refresh what they learnt in the workshop in May.#

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