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Sports Commission fund football Coach

Chairman Peter Maizey announced this during a press conference held at the Fiji National Sports Commission office in Suva yesterday. #Maizey confirmed that the commission will fund Buzzetti’s salary for the next three years.#“For the next three years we will be assisting Fiji FA with the national coach salary and contract. This is the whole package which includes salary, accommodation and various other things which is part of international coach’s package,” Maizey said. #“We have seen results on what happens when you put money into a young U20 team. They can go out to world and prove that Fiji is not the second cousin but we can qualify for a world cup event. The prime minister challenged Fiji FA to get their acts together to see qualify for a World Cup event in future and we are pleased that Fiji FA took that on board and have done that in a year,” he said. #The actual sum of the deal was not disclosed but Maizey has hinted it to be around $150-$200,000 per year. #Bob Kumar, the Fiji FA chief executive officer thanked the Fiji government and Sports Commission for the assistance. #“On behalf of the Fiji FA board and affiliates we are grateful to the government of the days and the Fiji National Sports Commission as this assistance is a boost for football,” Kumar said. #“The funds for the national coach which Fiji FA has been accommodating can now be diverted into other areas such as youth and women’s development.”#Fiji FA has appointed Buzzetti on a four-year contract. # Fiji FA MEDIA #

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