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Navua serious about development

Navua FA Coach Saiyad Ali revealed his intention and plans towards developing the players for Navua team after recording an impressive victory in the Fiji Sun GP Batteries National Football League encounter against Rewa last weekend. #Building a good team for the district is on top agenda for the Navua coach Saiyad Ali.#“My approach after I took over the coaching job for Navua is to rebuild a team for the next season. #My approach is very realistic I will take tournaments this year to build a formidable side. #I want to form a winning team who can win matches for Navua for a long run therefore I will be selecting 25 to 30 players from local league and then bringing them together and select and prepare a team from the pool of players for next season as we are out of the race of winning National Football League this season. I will have at least two players for each position. #The major concern for me is the consistency among the players right now and when we get players together then the players who doesn’t perform will be replaced by the players who have been performing well and has the fighting fortitude to get the pride back for Navua, ” Former Navua rep said.#The future for Navua looks bright according to Ali who has been with Navua for many years and said Navua will be investing more in the young players.#“I will get 15 young players in the pool of 30 players and develop them, giving them some game time so that they can gain exposure and be there to play for Navua team for years to come. #We are on the right track in developing players who will represent the district in future.# After I came in to coach the side we have recorded two wins over Nadi and Rewa and one loss against Suva as we missed the services of the key players in the team which saw us going down to Suva.” #Winning is always sweet for anyone and for Navua it is no exception we also want to get the pride back for the district. #I believe in my team and have the discipline on and off the field all the players in the team has their share of responsibilities and if everyone does their share of work then we will get the success. #Navua has always been in the top four in the National Football League in the past but recently the position dropped drastically and this was due to the financial difficulties the association faced though we could not win the league this year but we will ensure that Navua stays in the top Division next year.” Former Fiji FA technical director said. #Navua FA boss Faud Anwar Ali also shared same sentiments for his team and said the commitment of the players plays a vital role for the team. #Southern Storm team boss also revealed their new slogan to this newspaper which Navua will reckon on and work towards it starting from now and onwards.#“Basically we feel we need a slogan for our team and one day after training one of the players came and suggested us the slogan and then we added made few changes and came to a decision that Navua’s new slogan would be Southern storm.” Ali said.#Navua defeated Rewa 3-0 in the National Football League over the weekend. # Fiji FA Media#

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