FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour#The stage is set as the FIFA World Cup trophy arrives in the country today. This is an indeed a historic moment for the country and especially the football fans. #For the moment this is the closet we will get to the prestigious trophy for now and I hope a day will come when will qualify for the FIFA World Cup to be amongst the best sides in the world fight for the ultimate prize in football. #It is my humble request to the general public to come out in numbers and support this trophy tour. It is a unique opportunity to witness the prestigious FIFA World Cup trophy on our shores. #A South –West match has been lined up at Churchill Park in Lautoka this Saturday. As the entry is free for the general public and FIFA World Cup trophy on display I only hope that fans will come out in huge numbers to make this event a successful one. #Courts IDC#With the pools and fixtures out it is fitting to say that the countdown to the 2013 Courts Inter District Championship has begun. The 75th year Fiji Football Association celebration will be in line with the IDC and everything is shaping up. Also as stated earlier each super premier district will accommodate a charity queen. #Like past years a torch relay will start on October 5, 2013 at the Courts Suva branch. #FIFA/OFC Seminar#I, Fiji FA chief executive officer Bob Kumar and technical director Farouk Janeman attended a three day FIFA /OFC seminar in New Zealand which concluded this past Monday. #It was a very fruitful seminar targeted for the betterment for football in the Oceania region (more details inside). #Various reforms and initiatives have been lined up and implemented soon. #Final Words#Three vice presidents positions will be contested at the upcoming Fiji Football Association annual congress in Lautoka next month on October 8, 2013. #Jiten Kumar (West), Girja Prasad (North) and Ravin Swamy (South) have served their terms and their positions will be contested. # # Fiji FA MEDIA #

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