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Shirley opens first Southern centre

Shirley said she was humbled and honoured to be here and to participate in the historical event in the Southern division.
“This is a very first Development Centre for the Suva district therefore it is imperative as governing football body in Fiji, the Fiji Football Association which shares the passion for the sport provides all assistants it can to nature and develop young players,” she said.
“Development Centre is a programme which boys and girls aged 10 to 12 years that have been identified as being motivated and committed to football can attend each week for regular training.
“This is a long term development plan and a career pathway for players and coaches as well.
“Coaches will deliver an age appropriated football programme based on specific needs of players and develop these players for the future for Fiji which includes the Under-20 national teams.
“Our vision is to deliver the highest standard of football development to every youth in the country,” said Shirley.
Suva Muslim Primary School board chairman Saiyad Hussein said they are very much honoured and appreciate Fiji FA for selecting their school as one of the Development Centres in Suva.
“Our children used to travel to other places before and now they will be able to improve their football skills within their community and a place familiar to them
“This learning centre will provide an alternative to our children to be able to spend their time wisely in a worthwhile manner during the weekends.
“As we know football instills discipline,tolerance, patience, love and care within our young children.
“This will also mould and guide them to become better skilled sportsperson in future.”
Avikash Chand
Fiji FA Media