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Kumar hits back at critics

Ba Football Association president Rishi Kumar made the comment after their 2-0 win over Nadi last Sunday.#“We won the IDC in 2013,” he said. #“It was just one year we didn’t win and there were lot of critics. It is clearly evident that the crowd, always play a vital role in our victories and I thank all people out there in the pavilion who came in numbers to show their support for the boys. This is the 80th year of Fiji soccer and it’s a great achievement for us to mark this anniversary.”#Kumar said the win over Nadi in the IDC final is not a fluke. #“We beat Nadi in the Fiji Fact, we beat them during the B.O.G and now we beat them in the IDC. Hats off to the players and especially their families for all the sacrifices they had been doing while the players were in camp,” he added.#

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