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Varman: We need quality referees

The former FIFA Futsal and football referee said he has set a platform and development pathway for all referees from cadet to class one.#“It has been a good pathway for our elite referees as they were graduated from cadet to class one, “he said.#About 24 elite referees from Lautoka,Ba, Nadi, and Rakiraki attended the three days seminar.#Addressing referees in west during the high power seminar, Varman stressed the need for them to trust themselves and believe in their local instructors. #“You need to show discipline, learn to respect and train regularly is the way to go, “he said.# ‘Self-praise is no recommendation, looking at all games, tournaments, world cup games -every referee in the world make mistakes. Even when I was refereeing because of wrong angle we don’t see everything.#Our aim is to prepare referees well to make them error free referees. It will not come in one day or year, continuous training and coaching will help. Lot of self-sacrifice and commitment will produce result.”#Varman reminded the referees they need to keep up with their training schedules.#This is because our FIFA referees have left OFC and Fiji down after failing their fitness test. Continuous and planning before and after match days will help referees to be in top conditions.”#He said on grading of referees, they would be conducting exams on laws at different level, twice a year. Referees staying in remote areas will fill in log book to keep track of their fitness. All districts referees will have compulsory two-day per week training on fitness and game situations on field will bring in changes monitored by assessors.#Western referees went through the new last to get the best in new FIFA fitness demonstration as they prepare for the upcoming Vodafone Fiji FACT tournament in Labasa. Referees were drilled with injury prevention exercises and beep tests as demand of football.#Quality referees, Varman says is the main focus for their nomination to OFC and FIFA badge qualification.#“Referees will be monitored throughout the year, in and out of field to set and improve standard.”#

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