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Coach welcomes youth soccer

He said this is a step forward to the development of football in the country.#“This is an area where we have been lacking because most districts do not have the back-up squad to fill the shoes of senior players, “Reddy said.#“We have some good and skilful players and we have seen their talents in these three days of competition, which has made us draft them in the district team.”#Reddy said Labasa were the better side in the competition because they were well-prepared for the playoffs.#“Well I would say Labasa was the better side in the competition but I take my hats off for the other three districts for fielding teams in the playoffs.”#But Reddy thinks the level of competition amongst the other districts is not there because they have not come prepared.#“The other districts just train for a week before coming and we have this competition longer just like the National League I’m sure the teams will all come prepared. At the moment the teams are just coming for the sake of it.”#The former Nadogo rep said Labasa have been preparing for months.#“They have been training with our senior players.”#Reddy said if there would be more game time the level of competition among the youths would be very competitive in the North.#“As now you can see there are lots of changes in their style of play. The players are confident by holding on to the ball and passing it around. The players who have not gone through the development programmes are not confident when they have the ball.”#

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