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D.A.V Ba Rewarded

D.A.V primary school of Ba was handed a desktop computer by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Pacific representative, Dr. Karen Allen. The computer is pre-loaded with educational and teaching resources.
OFC’s new mascot was the creation of Year 8 students especially of Alipate Tiko who provided the artistic assistance. The classmates participated in an OFC Mascot Competition that was run through the OFC Just Play Programme, in conjunction with partners UNICEF and the Australian Sports Commission.
Pasifi-ika made its first appearance at the FIFA World Cup™ in Sao Paulo, Brazil earlier this year.
OFC Head of Social Responsibility and International Relations, Franck Castillo, stated in an earlier statement that Pasifi-ika’s entry was accompanied by the following description
“The mascot chosen represents our rich ocean and its ecosystem. It also reflects how Pacific countries treasure their marine life and mineral resources.”
“The top part of the dolphin is coloured blue, yellow and green which represents the OFC logo. The light blue in the middle represents our lovely Pacific Ocean, and the golden colour represents the vast amount of mineral resources that boosts the Pacific economy.”
“The brown colour represents the Melanesian group and the tapa print represents the Polynesian group. This makes our Pacific Islands unique and rich in cultural diversity.”
The Mascot will be active in all OFC events and activities.

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