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Referees Corner

The above Championship was held in Fiji. Three Fijian referees officiated in this championship. They performed very well. It was great learning experience for all referees.
People had an opportunity to witness some top players around Oceania playing in this championship. People must have seen high number of disciplinary sanctions issued during this championship. It only shows that players need to abide by the Laws of the Game. No one is above the Laws. Players must know the Laws because it proves costly for the teams when one gets sent off. We have requested teams to invite us to go through the Laws but it seems teams are not interested.
Congratulations to Ba for doing wonders. For Nadi, better luck next time.


Date and venue for the up-coming courses:
1] Lautoka – FNU from 17 th to 18 th May, 2014
2] Labasa – Tabia Sanatan School from 7 th to 8 th June, 2014
Those who want to become referees can make use of this opportunity to attend this course. I will be conducting the above courses with my instructors. We also urge all the districts to make use of this opportunity. Some districts have shown interest and we are very happy to assist. This will help them prepare well for the upcoming Vodafone Fiji FACT tournament in Rewa.
Fitness test for all the referees will be held at the following venues:
1] ANZ Stadium Suva – Wednesday 4 th June at 5.00pm
2] Fiji FA Academy Ba – Thursday 5 th June at 5.00pm
3] Subrail Park Labasa – Saturday 7 th June, at 5.00pm
Referees willing to be in the Fiji FACT referees penal must attend this fitness test. Fitness test will be same for all the referees. Timing will be as follows:
Sprints – 6 x 40m = 6.4 seconds.
Interval test – cover 150m in 30 seconds and 50m walk in 40 seconds.
After the fitness test, referees will go through theory session for few hours to re-fresh themselves and prepare well for the above tournament.

Question and Answers
1] Q – A substitute is on the field of play but not interfering with play when the opposing team scores a goal. The referee –
ANS – allows the goal, cautions the substitute player and orders him to leave the field of play.
2] Q – A corner kick is awarded if —
ANS – a direct free kick is kicked directly into the kicking team’s goal.
3] Q – A player takes a goal kick and the ball goes out over the goal line without leaving the penalty area. What decision should the referee make?
ANS – The referee orders the goal kick to be retaken.

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