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Fiji U-17 side ready for challenge

#Fiji coach Yogendra Dutt says they are prepared to take on New Zealand in their first match and will take one game at a time.#“We have prepared for New Zealand. I would say we are prepared and after that we will look at the second game third and fourth game.”#“Well the excitement is there and also that we have to keep in mind that they are the defending champions. So we will give all the respect to New Zealand but we will try our best to play the football that we want to.”#“I think the weather condition here is hotter than Fiji but football is such a lovely game that people have to adjust the situation and condition, added Dutt”.#The Fiji-New Zealand match starts at 6pm (Fiji time) at J.S Blatter Football Complex in Apia, Samoa.#The winner of the championships will fly the Oceania flag at the Under-17 World Cup in Chile in October. #Fiji Team: 1. Joela Biuvanua [GK], 2. Arami Manumanubai, 3. Shalit Reddy, 4. Mekeimi Ralulu, 5. Shoel Khan, 6. Adeel Ali, 7. Fazeem Khan, 8. Shamron Prasad, 9. Patrick Joseph, 10. Kartik Kumar, 11. Simeli Batiratu, 12. Amena Bolaitamana, 13. Alvish Naidu, 14. Afraz Ali, 15. France Catarogo, 16. Lino Roseru, 17. Timoci Dovi, 18. Savneel Deo, 19. Rusiate Qio, 20. Waisake Ravuiwasa [GK]#Coaches: Yogendra Dutt and Kamal Swmay.#Avikash Chand#Fiji FA Media#

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