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Vodafone injects $35,000 in Futsal revival

Vodafone Fiji handed over $35, 000 to the Fiji Football Association during the launch of the Futsal competition at the Vodafone headquarters in Suva last Saturday.
Vodafone Fiji Head of mCommerce and Corporate Affairs Shalendra Prasad said they have been continuously boosting football in Fiji with all support towards the growth of the sport in the country.
“In our bid to build a solid foundation for football, Vodafone continues to sponsor football at the grass roots level, “he said.
“We are glad to announce our support for the 2015 Vodafone FUTSAL Championship.
Prasad also emphasised on how to be a good futsal player.
“One skill that is not required is kicking long balls in the air. You must have speed, skill, and an eye for goal, the ability to pass, vision and above all the intelligence to put all these aspects into practice. Five-a-side confronts the player with constant decision-making.
“When you receive the ball, you are faced with dozens of options and your brain must function like a 4G super-fast smart phone or computer and you must come up with the right pass or right shot in split second
“In five-a-side you must react quicker to things, you have to understand what is happening around you. Speed is linked with your brain. Your body must transfer your brain’s decisions into actions and so speed of thought comes into play too. How quickly can you transform those messages and respond physically to them? You improve by playing. If you train for a marathon, you will be in good shape but if you came to play five-a-side, you struggle because it’s about short bursts of pace. It’s all about working on your reactions.”
“How good is the quality of your touch? The first touch and the ability to control the ball is of paramount importance if you would like to be a good 5-aside player. By practicing and playing you learn to use the ability you have in the most intelligent way. This can be learnt far easier and to greater effect by playing five-a-side.
“Scoring is often about how much you want to score. How much does it mean to you? Take time to work on your shooting. Aim for the corners, the side netting, and your goal-scoring record will improve.
“In five-a-side you don’t have much time. You must be confident in making one-touch passes. Again intelligence is the key. In football it is important that, as a player, you can find an adapted response to the situation you face. If you have that, you are on the right tracks. Five-a-side develops the speed in which you find these responses and that makes you a better passer and, in turn, a better player.”
“This is ignored too much. The top players all know what they are going to do before they get the ball. Get a feel for having the ball at your feet while keeping your head up and your team will reap the benefits.”
Prasad acknowledged the efforts of the Fiji FA for their part in organising the 2015 Vodafone FUTSAL and welcome all the zones and teams partaking in this year’s competition.
Fiji FA chief executive officer Bob Kumar thanked Vodafone Fiji for showing their support in the development of futsal.
“Sponsorship is always vital and we thank Vodafone for their support, “he said.
Kumar added that now Fiji Football will have a separate registration for futsal players which will let them only concentrate on futsal but not eleven-a-side but they can play eleven-a-side for their leisure if they want.
“We want to develop futsal in our country and we have some plans in pipe line which will boost futsal in years to come.
Fiji national futsal coach Intiaz Khan said the futsal championship will run for 9 weeks.
“We have done two trials in the southern zone and have selected about 40 players. “The competition will see teams having access to players from the Fiji FA selection to boost each of the zone competition.”
Khan added that they would also have trials around the country this month to cater for the increasing number of players wanting to play futsal.
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