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Vacancy : Referees Director /Academy Manager

Description: The Referees Director / Academy Manager# Is directly responsible to the Chief Executive Officer# on the work pertaining to the campaign to recruit,# train and develop referees and assistant referees and# to improve and strengthen the image of referees# throughout the country.# The Referees Director is appointed by the BOC#Key functions of the role: Referees Director#• Produce / recruit quality referees and Assistant Referees#• Organise and conduct quality and systematic ongoing training#• Conduct regular fitness test and organise medical test#• Educate referees on proper conduct and their outlook, both on and off the field are of the highest professional levels#• Develop an aggressive campaign to recruit, train and retain referees and assistant referees#• Promote and encourage the update of refereeing amongst youth, players and teachers#• Introduce cadet referee scheme#• Conduct special train and trainers courses#• Organise regular courses for referees, referee instructors and referee assessors#• Develop and assist referees to attain international / regional accreditation#• Assist the referees committee#• To carry out all tasks related to the logistics of refereeing #• Propose names for the International list #( FIFA List)#• To ensure uniform interpretation and application of the laws of the game.#• Develop a renewable accreditation badge / certification program based upon regular conduct of National examinations and formal reviews of performances#• Establish a code of Ethics for referees#• Bring about greater public awareness for the role of the referees in the application of the laws of the game#• Educate referees in the proper preparation and submission of timely, accurate detailed match reports including reports on “sent off” incidents#• Any other task as may be assigned by the Chief executive officer#Key functions of the role: Manager Ba Academy#• Good supervision skill and be able to manage staff#• Receive and be accountable for all the revenue collected#• Manage the maintenance of playing fields, Academy and Govind Park including the general upkeep of the academy#• Supervise all National League matches at Govind park and control the booking and hire of the park#• Prepare Worksheet for workers#• Keep and update the inventory#• Keep the CEO and the President informed of all the activities at the Academy#• Provide reports to the CEO on the use of the facilities#• Establish a Code of Ethics for the workers.# #Application with a current resume and copies of relevant certificates/references must reach The Chief Executive Officer, Fiji Football Association, G P O Box 2514, Government Buildings, Suva or by email : no later than 25th July 2014#

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