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Prasad: Investment for the future

“Basically it’s about the future of football in the country,” he said.#The Vashist Muni Primary School head teacher said the development at the centre in Navua is going well under the leadership of three qualified coaches.#“Every Saturday we have development programmes for the grassroot level and also for the center of excellence. It is conducted by Sailosi Danford, and the grassroot development is run by Akansha Sharma and Abhineshwar Prasad, “he said.#Prasad said the development programmes is beneficial to the youths who are determined to make the senior teams and later on represent the country.#“It is the right pathway to move Fiji Football forward as we all will benefit in years to come.”#The Navua U16 team manager said to produce better players they need to be groomed the right way from an early age.#“A development centre is basically primary school-based where Under-U14 girls and boys are trained and we have students of the ages of 11, 12 and 13. The objective is to identify talents,” he said.#Prasad said they are committed players as required by Fiji Football.#”If a player is not good at this level but if he or she is very committed, they are groomed well,” he added.#

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