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By Fiji Football Association President Rajesh Patel

National Football League #We are progressing well with our National Football League season this year and the competition has intensified over the last few rounds. The standard of football which we are witnessing in the National Football League is quite impressive and the development is taking place gradually as I have said earlier it will take time for our journey to reach the final destination but surely we will reach there with hard work, determination and perseverance.#Northern Premier playoff has also started up in the North and the response is extremely well with the teams participating. The Northern teams are fighting hard to do better at the competition and the teams are showing a lot of interest playing in the competition. #Super Premier teams in the Fiji Sun GP Batteries National Football League will take a break and they will concentrate more on the Vodafone Fiji FACT tournament as this gives them ample time for the prepare and come on the field.#Vodafone Fiji FACT#The Vodafone Fiji FACT is just around the corner and the hype has already started amongst the football fans in the country who will be the winner for this year and I would urge all the football patrons to come and support their team in this years first Fiji Football Association sanctioned tournament, the support of the fans are very important for their team to do well and make them proud. The fixtures are already out and this will help the teams, players and officials to prepare well and come up with the strategies to counter their opponents. The first round of the Fiji FACT tournament will be played at the newly renovated ANZ Stadium in Suva has been confirmed and we are looking forward for it. Teams have been given the ample time. #The teams have started with the preparation for the Vodafone Fiji FACT and lot would be at the stake for the teams to deliver for their fans. We are looking forward for a successful tournament this year with the help of Vodafone Fiji who has come on board to sponsor us for another year. # Nissan Navara#Football fans in the country can win a new Nissan Navara during this Vodafone Fiji. The fans can take part by just TXTING FACT to 368.#FIFA Congress#Fiji Football Association chief executive officer Bob Kumar with vice president Yogeshwar Singh accompanied me to the FIFA congress in Mauritius. More details will be given in the next edition. # Fiji FA Media#

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