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Fernandes leads Fiji forward

Fernandes said the aim of the course is to enhance the participants’ knowledge of the game.
“The course was aimed to give tools for coaches to prepare, deliver and evaluate suitable training sessions for youth. The focus has been placed on the introduction of the youth league set up by Fiji FA,” said Fernandes.
“It is key that coaches understand principles of the game and design sessions that suit or fit their players and environments,” he added.
“This will also help participants with the player development module in the Fiji FA playing philosophy.”
Fernandes thinks Fiji FA will very much benefit from the week-long course, as well the participants.
“I think primarily Fiji FA will benefit in the sense that with better coaches, naturally, will come better players.”
Fernandes said they are covering everything from the long term player development module to the role of coaching during the match and in between we go through all the principles that apply in the games.
“The course covers theory sessions, group activities, physical and tactical demonstrations and practical sessions during the five days.”
The FIFA instructor said the coaching process is quite extensive and over the years it has been improving.
“The great advantage for Fiji Football is the high level of education which at the end facilitates the education process in the classroom and especially slowly with the success of the national team, we are getting a higher level of education on the field as well.
“It is a great mixture when you have capable people who have the motivation and knowledge to impact upon the players.
“This week’s course has been intense and I am very pleased with the participant’s involvement and the level of their contributions.”
The participants were able to focus on three main areas of coaching from understanding player development, coaching approach and age appropriate development.
The coaches will be more equipped for the progression of the youth and providing the tools needed for those who are passionate about football.
With his extensive playing and coaching background and aspiration for fostering football, Fiji Football is pleased to have him on-board to grow football in the country.

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