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Northern playoff takes a break

This was confirmed by the National League board chairman Shiek Ibrahim.
“The teams have asked for a week of break so that they can recover from playing 90 minutes of matches for three days and then prepare well for next round of matches. They deserve a break after performing so well in the first round of matches,” Ibrahim said.
The performance from defending champion Taveuni and Dreketi have impressed the senior vice president of Fiji Football Association.
“I am quite satisfied with the performance of Taveuni and Dreketi over the three day of competition and I believe they have really done well and they will be the teams to watch in the next round but at the same time I can see the hunger for other teams to do well.” Ibrahim said.
The next round of matches will resume next weekend as currently Taveuni leads the points table with the three followed closely by Dreketi with six points.
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