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Kazim elected as referee’s President

This was the deferred Annual Congress which was initially supposed to take place on the 11th of October, 2014 in Suva but was deferred as the FFRA accounts were not audited and the Secretary was not available.
The elections for Presidency was between Mohammed Kazim Yasin of Ba and Balram Nair of Tailevu Naitasiri. After voting Mohammed Kazim Yasin was elected as the President.
Comments from new Fiji Football Referees Association President
I believe my members need to unite and work together as a team in order to progress further. I have mapped out my plans with my Executives on our immediate priorities pertaining to the members. My first task is to hold a face to face meeting with all referees affiliated districts and to get their feedback on the development of referees in their districts. Recruiting of more new referees is one of my top priority.
Currently we have about 94 paid members but out of this 94 there are only about 30 active referees who are able to officiate. This is the area I will have to seriously look at. The blooding of new referees is vital in the progress of our Association. Some of our top referees are now nearing retirement and replacements will have to be brought in. The main areas I plan to target to recruit referees is Secondary School students, University Students, Teachers and some retired soccer players. My plan is also to recruit and introduce more women into refereeing. Currently there are 5 women referees in Fiji out of which 2 are already on FIFA listing.
My instructors will also be conducting more and more courses for referees throughout Fiji. We have just gone through an extensive FIFA MA Course in Ba and with the modern teaching materials available our instructors will be able to introduce the modern teaching methodology provided by FIFA. I also wish to invite all the team officials including coaches to come and take advantage of our instructors in familiarizing themselves with the Laws of the Game. This will surely broaden their knowledge and by doing this we should see a reduction in the number of cautions and red cards players get during matches.
I am also calling on all my members to back me up in my campaign to take this Association to greater heights. This association belongs to all the members and I plead with them to rally behind me and ensure that we make this Association a force to reckon. I am asking all members to forget the past, leave all differences and work together to progress future in refereeing. Religion and race should not be used to tear our Association apart. Let’s get together as a family and strive towards our goal. Our vision is to make sure that our Associations achieve what we are after. I am sure there are people who will always try to tarnish our images but our unity and solidarity will never allow them to do so. I am proud to see that our members are all united. This was evident during the presence of members at our Annual Congress where a record of 54 members attended.
I have a vision and I will ensure that my vision is accomplished. I will now work in hand to hand with the Director of Referees, Mr. Sharma to see that the Referees wants and needs are properly addressed. I will also be working very closely with the President and other BOC of Fiji FA especially the Fiji FA Referees Committee to ensure that our members are looked after well.
At last I would like to thank all the members present at the Annual Congress and for having the confidence in me to lead the Association. I would also like to thank the CEO of FFA, Mr. Bob Kumar, Vice President FFA Mr. Yogeshwar Singh, the Director of Referees Mr. Sharma and all others who were present during the Annual Congress in making it a success.

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