Fiji FA to investigate Savusavu

The Fiji Football Association National league board chairman Sheik Ibrahim is also shocked to learn that no Savusavu FA officials accompanied the side to their two match tour to Viti Levu.
Savusavu lost 8-0 to 4R Electrical Ba last Sunday and 11-0 to Suva on Sunday.
“We are very concern on why did Savusavu team lost with big margin against Suva and Ba. I have been receiving phone calls from the people and the fans of Savusavu,” he said.
Ibrahim who is also a Fiji Football Association senior vice president believes the players welfare is their paramount concern and will not let the issue go under the carpet easily.
“We have gathered from the Savusavu players that only eight players came from Savusavu to play Suva and Ba despite national league board giving them $3000 for the team to travel to Viti Levu and at the moment the investigation is currently underway to see what went wrong for the side,” he said.
According to Ibrahim the national league board is concern on the eligibility if number of players who took the field against Suva.

“My team is also investigating on the number of players who were registered and how many were not registered by the team but did took the field. I also received calls and people also came to me asking what had happen to the Savusavu side and why any of the officials came with the side didn’t. This is also a major concern for us because what we are concern about is the well fare of the players billeting, food and few other things,” he said.
Fiji FA Media

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