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Reward for Rio Olympic achievers

Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel congratulated the players for their hard work and for making the country proud.
“After our Under-20s here are you guys will once again make your appearance on the world stage and this is a big achievement for Fiji Football, “said Patel.
“But however I am not happy with some of the players threatening Fiji FA for not paying the money they were promised after winning.
We have heard rumours that some players were trying to leave the team for not paying them after winning the Olympic playoff. We have stick to what we have promised to our players and we have added a little bit more to the bonus.
“As you all know I promised you before you left and my promise was very clear that if you win both the Pacific Games gold medal and Rio Olympics you will get $50,000 but you were unsuccessful in getting the gold, you qualified for the Rio Olympics only.”
Patel said we are fulfilling our promise but have added another $10,000 to top up for your hard work.
“Today we are giving away $35,000 in which a player received $1500 each as a bonus if you calculate the $25000 you will know how much a player gets but we have added more to it.
It can’t be a demand from you but we are giving you what we have promised.”
Patel made the comments while handing certificates, prize money and medals during the celebration. He also promised the players of more bonuses as they move towards the Olympics next year.

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