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Goalkeepers turn 16 in camp

Goalkeepers Jolame Domonikibau turned 16 on Sunday, February 7, while Mohammed Alzar Alam also celebrated 16th birthday a day later.
Domonikabau who is the son of former Ba goalkeeper Isikeli Seva said he was surprised of the special treat from his teammates.
“Really it was amazing when the lights went off and they called me into the dining room and everyone started singing the birthday song,” he said.
“I really felt like I was back at home and I must thank my teammates and coaches Shalen Lal and Timoci Seru for doing all this for me.
“We are here for a year and now they are our parents and what they have done was really big for me which I never expected.”
Similar sentiments were echoed by Alam who hails from Seaqaqa.
“We are here as a family and it was an awesome night for me. My parents came with a surprise for me and I must thank our coaches for the birthday cake and my brothers for the wonderful treat.
“It really awesome for me and I will always cherish my 16th birthday I never felt away from my own home. The night was just amazing with everyone cheering and singing birthday song for me and we are all one here and that is very good. We are very grateful to our coaches for taking care of us in every way.”
The 22-member national U17 team is in camp for a year to prepare for the OFC U17 championship.

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