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Top referees attend course

In attendance are Fiji Football Referees director, Rajendra Kant Sharma, Fiji Football referees president Mohammed Kazim, Referee Instructor North Mukesh Chand, Referees Fitness instructors Dinamani Mudaliar and Rakesh Verman, Referee instructor South Balram Nair and Futsal and Beach Soccer referee instructors Hari Raj Naicker and Jainut Dean. They are amongst the 49 participants around the Oceania attending the FuturoIII Referees Instructors course at the Fiji Football Regional Headquarters in Vatuwaqa, Suva.
Fiji FA referees director Rajendra Kant Sharma said this is a good opportunity for our local referee instructors to broaden their knowledge as this course is taken by very high powered FIFA instructors.
“This sourse aims to prepare the Instructors for the next level.”
Sharma said FIFA FUTURO-III Referee Instructors’ course is aimed at developing the Instructional skills of Instructors actively involved in teaching in their respective associations.
“I hope the instructors have gained a great deal of knowledge from this important course and will now help improve the standard of refereeing. “Furthermore, it will enable them to get more respect from the teams and will benefit all those involved in football.
“There is now a challenge to the current referee instructors to work hard and not rest easy in their comfort zone.
“I hope the knowledge we gained will make refereeing move to a higher level.”
“Learning will never end. We always try to improve our knowledge and keep practicing what we have done and will transfer the knowledge to our colleagues.”
Sharma is optimistic that course will help instructors train more referees as currently they are facing referee shortage in the country.
Avikash Chand
Fiji FA Media

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