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A Football Lover

Football superstar Lionel Messi quoted “you can overcome anything, if and only if you love something enough”.
For the eight-year-old, Arshveer Singh, the exceptional love for that something is football.
Singh, with his two cousin sisters Shania Singh, 9, and Sonia Singh, 11, was amongst the 50 kids who were present at the Mom and Pop League in Suva last Saturday.
The Rishikul Primary School Year 3 student said football is his best thing.
“I like to play soccer and that is my best thing,” he said.
“When my dad watches soccer, I also sit with him and cheer for my favourite team Barcelona and best player Messi.”
Singh was in Barcelona outfit with Messi’s jersey when he came to the Mom and Pop League last week.
Jagindar Singh, Arshveer’s dad, commended Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA) for running the grass-root level of development in the country.
“It’s a good thing that Fiji Football is trying to develop at this age group.
“These are the basics that each child should have in order to be a good football player in future,” he said.
His brother Jalindar Singh, who brought his two daughters Shania and Sonia, echoed similar sentiments.
“It’s good that Fiji FA is promoting this for the kids of this age group.
“While these kids are growing, their skills for football will also keep growing should this kind of development continue in Fiji.”

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